Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm feeling a bit enamored with my Creator this morning. I was driving home from school this morning listening to praise and worship music and thinking of the beautiful interpretive dances that the ladies at my church often perform. Their love for God and for their Savior, and their passion for Him is shown so clearly in those moments when the music is playing and their bodies are in complete worship to Him. It's something so beautiful, and so different from anything we did growing up. Then I started thinking of the beautiful words to Amazing Grace and some of the hymns that we sang as children. Oh how He loves those songs, those words. They are such a great representation of what we truly believe. Then there is Christan rap, and hard core Christian music. The words of which glorify the Lord, the style of music....well, I personally don't much care for. But thinking of how God has given us all our gifts, passions, love for music...I cannot help but think how awesome God truly is, that all of these gifts, anointings, styles of music and passions come from Him. He is the good in all of us combined. He is not narrow minded. No, His mind is all encompassing. All beauty, all knowledge, all power, all passion comes from Him. He is passionate about photography just like I am. He loves to capture the essence of His children. As His creation, we are able to create. How amazing it is to me that I am able to use just a tiny bit of GOD'S creativity. I can't wait for the day when I can absorb all of who He is, and understand the magnificence of Him in His full glory. I am truly in awe. My heart is dancing for You, my God this morning.

Pictures posted are of the very beautiful Natalie W. My sweet friend Jenny's daughter who exudes God's love, grace, and kindness in every word, and every precious smile. I love her, and I love her Mom. Some of these were taken in the front yard of an abandoned, foreclosed home. Looking at the home, you do not see beauty. You would see neglect, dirt, and a tremendous need for work. But the lens is very forgiving, and at the right angle you do not see any of those things. All you see is.......well, the beauty of Natalie. Jesus' blood is the same way. We are neglected, wretched sinners...there is truly no good in us apart from God and the forgiveness He provided through His son. I am so glad God sees me this way instead of seeing the mess I am without Him.

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Great post Natalie.