Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh my goodness! 
This is really happenening!!!!!! 
We have really (yes REALLY!) been chosen for this precious, amazing, BEAUTIFUL baby BOY! 
Many of you know that for almost two years now we have been in the process of adoption, specifically Down Syndrome adoption.  Well after many closed doors, last week we heard about this precious little one with special needs who needed a home....but does NOT have Down Syndrome.  He was born with something called Congenital CMV and he is being treated with an antiviral medication via IV for the next 3 weeks in the NICU.  We prayed and PRAYED that God would direct our paths and close doors that were not ours to go through.  So when we got the call today....I think my heart stopped for a minute!  We are reminded that although we make our plans....GOD sometimes has other plans!  Our little man will have many mountains to climb and we feel so privileged to be the family God has called to give him a home.  We do not know at this time how he will be affected by the CMV long term.  CMV is a mild cold virus that most people have had...but it can wreak havoc on a pregnancy.  We will love him unconditionally and help him be what he is called to be.  He is a blessing and a treasure.  I wish I could bottle the excitement in this house this very minute!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Look at him!  He's ours!  I still can't wrap my mind around it!!!!
The adoption fees on this little guy are high....and we are asking for your help.  If you feel led to help us, please share our story, our blog, and our AdoptTogether site.  If we can find 700 people to give only $15 each, we can bring him home, ransom paid.  If you can give more, that would be wonderful.   His fees are $21,500 but with gifts from family and what AT&T will pay for this adoption ($5000!) we only need to raise $10,500.  You can give a tax deductible donation at
Also, we covet your prayers.  Here is how you can pray specifically for our family:
Caleb will not be able to come back to Georgia for 5 weeks.  3 weeks in the NICU and then 2 weeks of interstate compact paperwork.  Please pray for our family as Mommy is with Caleb and Daddy splits his time between the hospital (8 hours from home) and work...and takes care of the kids.  Rich's parents will thankfully be able to care for the kids most of the time.  Please pray for health for everyone.  Patience for everyone.  Pray as the kids continue to do their schoolwork while I am away.  I know the kids are going to miss their Mommy and I am SO going to miss my babies.  This is going to be hard, but part of this journey is going to be doing the hard thing.  Please pray for financial provisions.  Pray that the Ronald McDonald house has room for us.  Pray for Caleb's birthmother.  She is precious to us, and heartbroken I am sure.  Pray that we can love on her and minister to her in whatever way God shows us.  Pray that we listen when the Holy Spirit speaks and that we show love in every word and action.  Her soul, her eternal destiny, is just as important to us as Caleb's.  Caleb has a calling....and God used her to deliver him to us.  We will forever be thankful for her.
Thank you for your love and support the past 2 years.  The joy and've all been there.  Little did I know when Selah passed away in late July that I had a baby boy growing and waiting to call me Mommy.  I am so blessed even the nations shall know God's great favor is upon me. 
Lord, we thank you.


Kathleen said...

He is such a handsome boy, Natalie! So very happy for you and your precious family...soon to be a family of 7; rather, I should say already a family of 7 since you have already taken Caleb into your hearts. Praying for you guys...for God's provision, peace, wisdom, patience, and leading. Love you!

Natalie Howell said...

Thank you Katy!!!!! I'm SO thankful for friends that are faithful to pray for us through this time!!!! Love you!