Monday, August 19, 2013

It's not possible.

I waited anxiously at Caleb's bedside for the neurologist to make his appearance.  I had fought to even get a consult despite the ominous cranial ultrasound and CT of this precious baby's brain weeks before we arrived.  Essentially, they were telling me "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit" when it came to adopting this baby.  We were okay with that.  This baby was our YES.  God said to go get him and we did.  However, in order to be his best advocates, we wanted more knowledge about what was going on in our little man's noggin.  We finally heard what we had been waiting for.  The ultrasound of Caleb's brain showed "prominence of the ventricular atria and occipital horns."  It also showed "punctate foci of echogenicity along the margins of the lateral ventricle raising the question of mineralizing microangiopathy."  What you ask?  Yeah, me too.  Furthermore, the CT of his brain showed "dilatation of the bilateral atria and occipital horns with basal ganglia punctate calcification and/or hemorrhage."  In fewer words, it revealed brain damage.  The CMV virus caused damage to his brain.  No one could give us an idea how this would affect him.  Wait and see. "Can any of that change?  The calcifications, can they go away?"  No, they said.  They don't go away, but our brains are resilient and can sometimes rewire with therapy and hard work.  I asked each neurologist that we consulted with.  No, they reiterated.  Calcifications don't just go away. 

So you can imagine my shock with the neuro office called today and said "Mrs. Howell, I just wanted to let you know that your baby's MRI was normal."  She said it as if this was everyday news.
 I'm sure the lady thought I was nuts.  I asked about 3 times, "Did you just say NORMAL?".  Then I had to further clarify..."Does this mean there are no more calcifications?" 
"All I am saying is that the MRI showed a completely normal brain for a baby his size.  No abnormalities."
At that moment my heart started beating fast inside my chest.  Again I reiterated my question, but with more detail.  "Caleb was born with CMV and he had calcifications on his brain at birth that they said can't go away.  Are you telling me they are gone?"
"I'm telling you the MRI is normal.  They would tell you if they saw anything abnormal."
I hung up and a smile lit up across my face at the realization that the impossible had happened.  Just like our Bible story this morning.  I spoke these exact words this morning to my children.  "It wasn't the small stone, the slingshot, or David's aim that conquered Goliath, it was the power of God."  And so it is with Caleb.  The power of God in and through him has healed my precious boy's brain.  And for this we give God all the glory and praise.  

Our 8 month old miracle boy.

Check out Daddy's logo on his shirt. "Rethink Possible"  Oh how we love our treasure.  Whatever the future holds, he will always be our miracle.  Through Caleb, God has shown us His nature as a loving, forgiving, sovereign, powerful HEALER.  This song is the very heart of our journey.  You are I AM.


Chasity C said...

Aaaaannnd now I'm bawling So much love my friend. So much love. Our God does the impossible for His children.

Melisa said...

Amazed! Love your sweet family, and The Lord is good, all the time! :)

Anonymous said...

I was born with CMV virus too. But it caused me to have mild cerebral palsy. But it's so mild that I can walk and talk. I do have some balance issues and leg cramps which exercise has help with.

Anonymous said...

God is so good!