Monday, August 18, 2008

Well.....I've lost it

My identity that is......

I'm no longer a homeschool Mommy. Carter and Cassidy started school last week. Its hard to believe that 3 years from now I won't have any kids at home during the day. They love Horizon Christian Academy. Today is their first day of Karate. Cassidy asked if they are going to kick her in the head! LOL She's such a riot! Carter is still my sweet, easygoing one. Such a good big brother. I attempted to have lunch with them today but Landon wasn't in the mood....argh. But Carter was SO happy to see Lily and Landon. It was so cute. I gave them 25 cents for a popscicle and Cassidy announced it to the whole class. Nice of her, huh? haha

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